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Hey! c: My name is Becca. I live in sunny Southern California. I'm obsessed with street fashion worldwide, I love animals, and I'm an aspiring marine biologist. My personality type is ESFP.
Who I am: A feminist, a bisexual female, a freelance model, and a buddhist.
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Today my friends and I wrote a story for a porno about Ebola called Ebona. The sequel is called 28 lays later.

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My boyfriend surprised me with this Lucipurr shirt from Black Craft Cult and he knows me so well. 


Omg need this

I think the highlight of my highschool career was when Zach, one of the quietest kids in my whole school, rewrote the fanfiction “Shrek is Love, Shrek is Life” to have our terrible math teacher in it instead of Shrek, into my friend’s yearbook. it was beautiful.

when you’re procrastinating on homework so hard that you go to the weird part of youtube for relief.

Ok let’s have some real talk right now.

You know what phrase I hate? What phrase I’m so fucking tired of hearing?

"I’m sorry….But you’re just really sexy."

No, fuck you. I hear that almost every fucking day.

Let me tell you about some of the circumstances I’ve heard that in, in this week ALONE.

1. After a hook up, I passed out in the bed nude. I woke up to him trying to shove his fingers up my vagina. I asked him what the fuck he thought he was doing. “I’m sorry… But you’re just really sexy”. I fell back asleep. He did this multiple times.

2. Texting this guy I just met. Just got my number. First thing he asks for? My nudes. “I’m sorry…. But you’re just really sexy”. Seriously??

3. This guy I know at school told me I shouldn’t lay on my side on the couch. I asked him why. He said “I’m sorry….but you’re just really sexy”. He had an erection.

Why do people think this is an ok way to treat people? Why is it my fault for being attractive? Why is it justified to sexually assault me while I’m asleep, ask for my nudes before getting to know me, and tell me I can’t do normal functions because it’s too sexy for your horny ass to handle?

No, fuck you. There is no excuse for that behavior. I don’t give a shit, I will call you out for treating me like a sexualized object. I’m tired of being treated like this. I am a person. I am so much more than a body. I am intelligent. Isn’t that interesting to you? Don’t you have anything else to talk about or think about, or do? I am a fucking person, just like you. Start treating me like one.

It’s really awkward when you’re pretty sure your best friend’s boyfriend is legitimately in love with you. He even sends me “goodnight my dear! ” texts
What do I doooo lol

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Can’t sleep. Too much on my mind. I really want to play Portal, but I have to wait until tomorrow to play it again. Ugh.

when you forget that your first major paper of the term is due in a day and you need to use facilities at the university that aren’t open on weekends AND won’t be open before class on Monday.

I’m like literally about to cry like a little baby ahahaha oh yay

i’m so tired. I’m gonna die. I spent all day rearranging my furniture, but now everything seems too cluttered or too empty. fml. seriously. fml.


More woollen animals :)

I am sooooo sad. I just wanna lay on the floor and listen to my sad vinyls.

So the FWB who kinda dumped me yesterday ran into me at tapioca express today and I was like ‘fuckkk’ and he came over to hug and nuzzle me and it was so awkward.
Like are we a thing or no?