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Hey! c: My name is Becca. I live in sunny Southern California. I'm obsessed with street fashion worldwide, I love animals, and I'm an aspiring marine biologist. My personality type is ESFP.
Who I am: A feminist, a bisexual female, a freelance model, and a buddhist.
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Ugh I hate brandy. Bottoms up. Eww

I can’t sleep. I just keep waking myself up by crying. I’m gonna take a shot and try to sleep again.

My Friend’s roommate asked them to move out because she is having a baby and needs the extra room :c


asking your hairdresser for a trim and they cut too much:

One time I asked for a trim, and she said ok. Then she cut off so much hair that she billed me full price. I never went back.


This man overheard my friend and I talking about money and….


Everyone should check this out:

Dirty Girls: It’s 1996. A fascinating amateur documentary about some spirited and independent-thinking 8th grade 13-year-old riot grrls who publish their own ‘zine. They’re the outcasts of the school and they just don’t give a shit.

When you meet their classmates, it’s easy to understand why…

Everyone in the schoolyard held strong opinions about these so-called “dirty girls,” and meanwhile the “dirty girls” themselves aimed to get their message across by distributing their zine across campus.

I really, really wish I had someone in my life who lived near by who genuinely loved me and cared about me with all their heart, and spent time with me, and listened to what I had to say, and cared about my emotions, and was patient and understanding and respectful of me. The closest person who cares about me like that lives a few cities over. I have several very dear friends who love me to pieces, but they live in canada.

It just really hurts not having anyone to turn to. It hurts having almost no relationship with my mom because she’s gone so much, and so i’m stuck with my hateful stepdad. It hurts knowing that the only reason they care about how well I do is because the better I do, the quicker I’ll move out and be out of their hair. It hurts that they don’t care about my emotions, they don’t have any patience for me, and they don’t respect me as a person. In some ways, I want to leave my mom’s house and never look back. Not once. They didn’t show me much compassion when I lived there, and they were dying for me to leave. Why should I return? But, I know they love me deep down real far and it’d hurt them if I never visited. It hurts me to know that they’d only love me after I left. my mom practically never hugs me or tells me she loves me anymore. I hardly see her at all. Usually when I see her, she is grumpy or stressed or exhausted.

it hurts to see so many of my friends have these loving relationships with their parents, who are so happily helping them become responsible people and go to college, etc, when I have to literally fight with me parents to receive help like that.

I often befriend people older than me because I practically don’t have parents. I’ve had to raise myself and I desperately want parental love and acceptance. It hurts so, so much that other adults and my friend’s parents love me more than my own.

I don’t know how to feel. I want a relationship with my parents, but I also don’t because it hurts me that we never had much of one in the first place. It’s fucked me up so much that I don’t know how to make friends or have a healthy relationship or anything like that. I’ve developed such a bad social anxiety problem due to an immense fear of rejection and being alone. I cling to people who show any sort of affection towards me because i crave so badly to be loved and cared about.

My biological father and I are really close, but he can’t support me financially or academically, and I don’t see him very often either because he is very poor and works a lot.

i cling to my childhood because it’s the only time I’ve ever felt truly loved by my parents, no question about it. Sure, i still hardly ever saw my parents, but they hadn’t yet gotten impatient with me. didn’t lose their temper. Encouraged me to do new things and helped me along the way. Loved me as a person, and actually knew who I was as an individual. Ugh. I’m really sad.

god i just can’t handle how shitty my parents are being right now. it makes me just want to fucking pack up all my shit tonight and live in the fucking creek down the road and quit school and just die because I cannot stand the shit my parents are dragging me through right now. It’s so frustrating because they are asking me to do things that I can’t, and then are getting enraged with me and yelling at me so much that I get panic attacks and get super upset and cry and have a total meltdown. i was supposed to go to sleep ten minutes ago but i burnt my food because i was being yelled at and i’m so upset that i can’t bring myself to eat even though i haven’t eaten in two days because they keep screaming at me and i get really upset, and I still need to take a shower. I haven’t been able to study at all for my final today because the second i got home, i got bombarded with shit from my parents about how I fucked up the schedule,  even though they were the ones that planned all the events, and I physically couldn’t plan the events. And i’m taking another test on friday and getting my wisdom teeth removed and i gotta work obon for two days and god i just want to cry and lock myself in a room for a month.

holy shit i am so fucking mad, i am about to kill my stepdad.

our schedule got real fucked up.

my mom scheduled orientation tomorrow because she didn’t know I had my final tomorrow

I gotta take a math placement test on friday for university or else i won’t be able to enroll in my classes

my stepdad planned to get my wisdom teeth extracted on the same day

my professor JUST told us today that it was on Friday. I can’t miss it.

My stepdad just came running into my room telling me that it was all my fault that i fucked up my schedules  with my orientation and test and final and dentist appointment,  all of which was not planned by me

and I fucking LOST my GOD DAMN MIND when he screamed at me that It’s MY FAULT that the dentist surgery costs $2000 and apparently if we miss it, we have to pay $2000 for no reason.

yeah, let’s just keep telling me about how things planned by other people and were totally out of control are ALL my fault.



turn it down senpai

kiss kiss fall and drown

White Northern Lights in Finland


Finally. I’m home.