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Hey! c: My name is Becca. I live in sunny Southern California. I'm obsessed with street fashion worldwide, I love animals, and I'm an aspiring marine biologist. My personality type is ESFP.
Who I am: A feminist, a bisexual female, a freelance model, and a buddhist.
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Stairway to Heaven.

Left After Assad Bombing in Aleppo


*blows kiss up to the sky (for the aliens)*


how do two rlly skinny people even cuddle? like is that even comfy?

no its not

source: my boyfriend would be skinner than i am if we were the same height

I really miss my boyfriend a whole lot but he is very sick with strep throat :c

also praise it and blaze it lmao


welcome to a little bit of my room <3

billnyejpg Asked:
i just put my whole hand in my ass

My answer:


Great question!

Funnyman Adam Sandler was responsible for director Quentin Tarantino’s cameo in Little NIcky, as they are both founders and members of their band, Sandler & Tarantino! BLENDED hits theaters nationwide May 23!


But I’m A Cheerleader (1999)



But I’m A Cheerleader (1999)