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Hey! c: My name is Becca. I live in sunny Southern California. I'm obsessed with street fashion worldwide, I love animals, and I'm an aspiring marine biologist. My personality type is ESFP.
Who I am: A feminist, a bisexual female, a freelance model, and a buddhist.
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that moment when you’re talking to highschool buddies and realize that the little crushes you had on your female friends in highschool were actually REALLY obvious and not discreet at all

dear santa

please let me skydive into burning man and ride around on a vespa

and bless me with firedancing skills because i’m terrible at it


love becca

sometimes im amazed i always get asked back out on dates

because im cute and all

but i eat like a small cow


Summer love


They say your whole life flashes before your eyes right before you die…I’m making sure I go laughing


trying to leave tumblr




please stop putting text posts over tv show characters i Beg



Bright Eyes by visaga on da


"you’re all posers" i say to the models. they are very good at their job

no it’s not your first day as a ‘collage’ student.

i joined the burning man facebook group and the first thing i see is a thread with a totally nude chick with a horse tail butt plug.



"Never apologize for burning too brightly or collapsing into yourself every night. That is how galaxies are made."

Tyler Kent White (via allwereallyneedisweed)