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Hey! c: My name is Becca. I live in sunny Southern California. I'm obsessed with street fashion worldwide, I love animals, and I'm an aspiring marine biologist. My personality type is ESFP.
Who I am: A feminist, a bisexual female, a freelance model, and a buddhist.
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I am sooooo sad. I just wanna lay on the floor and listen to my sad vinyls.

So the FWB who kinda dumped me yesterday ran into me at tapioca express today and I was like ‘fuckkk’ and he came over to hug and nuzzle me and it was so awkward.
Like are we a thing or no?


here’s a 13 second video of ducks bobbing their heads to bossa nova music

ugh i seriously regret my hookup last night lol

I got FWB dumped today. He came into the student union, got mad at me for not wanting to be committed within two weeks of knowing each other, and then grabbed an uglier girl and a roll of condoms and walked out the door.
Wtf. That was brutal. Ouch.


I bet there are labels like this all over Avengers tower





Pass this on Tumblr

This is actually pretty important

very important information

This needs to be seen more. Rape needs to flat out stop, but until then victims need to know there’s support for them.


Floating Island, Makiko Kudo

ok no more laptop until i can fucking finish my homework


We’d like to get your blessing